Sunday, December 29, 2013

Does Pagerank work for semantic search engines?

Pagerank algorithm analyses links between web pages and produces better result when querying. But applying similar algorithms (Pagerank) for ontologies in the hope of identifying the most popular ontologies may not help. Because, the majority of ontologies available on the Web are not connected well (but web pages are linked highly, hence the better result for “string match” based search engines) and more than half of the ontologies are not linked to other ontologies at all. Poor connectivity would certainly produce poor PageRank results. Secondly, the links in the current web provides value at the level of page or sub sections. But semantic web provides value at the level objects/entities and their relations. Hence, semantic search rank should include factors like relations, attributes, similarity/word distance, etc. In other words the weight should be assigned at the level of entities/relations (low level graph). Pagerank works well at macro level. But not suitable at micro level.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Wisdom Person

The world has more negative thoughts than positive, negative emotions stores more deeply in the brain then positive, Negative thoughts can easily erase positive ones, but the opposite happens very slowly. How to change this? "Pure thinking"

Pure thinking requires - ethical software (thinking) + more fuel (Oxygen) + hardware (neuron network) + database (pure knowledge)
Software: Thinking is like a program which runs on top of pure knowledge. good control over thinking is the most powerful skill that reshapes the brain and mind. 
database: facts that is purified by ethical/moral values, we should store/inference more pure facts.
Fuel: Oxygen is the main fuel to the brain, though brain is just 2% of the body weight, it uses roughly 20% of the Oxygen that human gather. More the Oxygen means more the food for thought. 
hardware: neurons network fire/wire together when human think. More the positive thinking means more the physical footprint.

Daily spending time for pure thinking converts a person to a Wisdom Person

Thursday, June 06, 2013

Actionable search – Yandex has innovated interactive search platform

For a long time Google the dominated search engine, did not do much innovation in search space. Now Yandex introduced “task completion engine” for users who want to complete the goal at hand. What they call this new feature is “Island”.

Facebook’s “like” is a good example that we are moving towards “action web”. Yandex may not be able to scale to all the web sites. This is possible when we move into semantic web, people can finish the task at hand easily without much mental work

Why users need task completion engine?

"A large portion of the five billion searches that come from almost 100 million Yandex users each month are looking for a solution rather than an answer" – people want to pay a bill, check-in for a flight, book a show or a visit to the dentist, For each such task to complete, users are entering lots of queries. In order to avoid such mental work, Island helps to perform actions from the search engine result page.


Wednesday, June 05, 2013

From big bang to one mind

From big bang (the start) to one mind (the end)
Hell and heaven exist in the human mind
Positive thoughts collectively forms heaven
Negative thoughts collectively forms hell
Soul is a platform of universal mind
Light helps to connect three worlds and four layers (more below)
Thinking transforms raw facts to wisdom
Soul comes first and faster than light/thinking
There is a human world, machine world and
A spiritual world (if Thinking happens outside of the brain/machine).
Sound/language creates human network/world
Internet creates machine network/world
Imagination creates spiritual world
All the three forms universal mind
Soul controls the universe by Time and event
From big bang to one-mind there exist three phases
First phase is dominated by humans
Second phase is dominated by Machine
Third phase is dominated by Spiritual
There are four layers in the universal mind
The raw facts forms the first layer (A world without mind)
Connected facts (Positive and negative) forms knowledge the second layer  
Connected pure knowledge (Positive facts) forms wisdom the third layer.
Connected wisdom forms one mind (Everything becomes one – a dot layer)
One mind means -
The universal brain from human perspective
Artificial god from the machine perspective
The idle mind from the spiritual perspective
How to become one mind?
Tolerance protects from negative thoughts
Bold breaks stupid/bad rules
Attention creates learning environment
Search discovers new facts
Fear creates negative knowledge
Reasoning creates positive knowledge
So far, the human world has learnt less than 1% true facts
It may take many centuries to become one.

Saturday, June 01, 2013

Bad people can get “ghost power”

If I consider Internet as a brain. Then all positive/social thoughts are shared publicly (ex: status updates), most of the vulnerable thoughts are shared privately (Ex: chat), extremely bad/vulnerable thoughts are communicated in secure networks. Innocent governments (ex: India) monitoring the positive network/web (ex: Facebook/Google), no care taken on the private/secure networks. Internet gives bad individuals a “ghost power”, to kill the mass, by triggering even some atom bombs.

Friday, May 31, 2013

all the wars are over, it’s time to become super power

India has more youngsters than any other country, a county’s fall or growth is not simply decided by total output per hour by citizens in the modern world. IMO, It is decided by three main factors, first one is the rate at which the innovation happens. The second would be the productivity based on the innovation. The innovation is done by few experts, the productivity is done by the rest. Third, Machines/tools helping us in both stages (innovation and development) to increase the speed. As for as India is concerned, we have lot of raw man power, the raw power should be converted into higher production, this can be done by learning how to use modern tools, and we also need more innovators, (PhD’s, scientist etc.). and finally the machines. We need to increase the number of machine’s to produce more outcomes and innovations. Machines can help to increase the productivity by many folds. If these three factors have been improved means Indian can become super power in short period of time. Currently most of the youngsters are busy in upgrading their family from poor/middle class to upper middle class, this is a long running race. Once India crossed this stage, I believe that India can produce more innovators, modern machines in all sectors.

fear of accident

Nobody is safe in India, accidents dominates all other type of killing.
In India, during the year 2011, there were around 4.98 lakh road accidents, which killed 1.42 lakh people and injured more than 5 lakh persons, many of whom are disabled for rest of their lives. These numbers translate into one road accident every minute, and one road accident death in less than four minutes.

In India, Total Number of Persons Killed in Road Accidents in 2004 was 92,600. It has been increased to 1,25,660 in 2009.
In china, Total Number of Persons Killed in Road Accidents in 2004 was 1,07,000 (it was higher than India). It has been decreased to 67,760 in 2009.

Speed, drunken-drive, not following traffic rules could be the main reason behind accidents. Accidents will become the world's fifth biggest killer by 2030