Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Exploring Web Science Part 4 - The Matrix Heavyloaded

More and more people are considered to be active writers and viewers because of their participation. This flow has created a new life where we are now dependent on access to information. Therefore we see an information overload from the access to so much information, almost instantaneously.

Information overload is the biggest problem of the web, to solve this problem we need machines to process information. In my perspective, web has the ability to store, retain, and recall information. It has properties - size (trillions of pages), speed (new pages/new links per second), shape(Bow tie), age (it’s a child now) etc. web has laws - moors law, bandwidth law, longtail, etc. Web has languages (protocols), Web is evolving from network of computers to network of people to network of software agents. Web has gravity (ranking), web sites are rotating around search engines. Simply put, web is forming its own virtual universe. Gravity is the fundamental of universe(s), similarly ranking and recommender system are fundamental to the web.

In order to machines to process information (semantic web) the search engines/recommender systems should give higher ranks to semantic web sites. This will start the network effect, eventually we will have semantic web by end of this decade.

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