Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Mandhiran prototype is released

Currently, the most common method for search information over the internet is with the use of search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, and others. Search engine enables users to find the information they want via the simplest of interaction paradigms: type some keywords into a box and get back an informative result list that is ranked, so that the first few results most likely match what we’re trying to find. A fundamental question is what else users could possibly need besides Google to search the Web?  Let us agree: Google is really good, for what it does. 
Why and when do users need strategy engine instead of search engine?
  • When the users are unfamiliar with a domain or search capabilities or unfamiliar with the full detail of their task or goal.
  • Moreover, searching involves a range of tactics and techniques, rather than simply submitting a query and seeing a list of matching results.
  • If someone solves particular search problem, why should others reinvent the wheel?
  • Users collaborate with family and colleagues on many tasks.
  • It is plain to see that a search interface needs to provide more than a simple keyword search form to support users in applying such strategies.
  • Users come to search engine for completing a goal. Not to simply search. A series of steps that users may often need to employ to achieve their goals.  Search as the set of activities that take users from identifying a problem all the way to achieving their goals.
  • When the user need expert guide.
945signals is developing a software program that advances search by introducing Rosepath to connect expert and novice users. 945signal’s Mandhiran offers the user the ability to find task completing in a fraction of the time. When I say the term “search”, I use the word search in a broader sense than Information Seeking. Mandhiran will complete development in April 2015, and is a revolutionary service which expands upon the features of a number of currently-existing search technologies. Search engines have globalized the extent which information can be easily and conveniently accessed. The unique and revolutionary nature of the Mandhiran technology is the way it connects experts and novice users. Essentially, Mandhiran is the most powerful search and strategy tool the internet has seen.

Currently there are 200+ users are testing/using the prototype. Thanks to everyone.


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