Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Node.js in 2 minutes

Apart from traditional client-side Javascript advantages, Node.js provides additional benefits to developer community.
- It is a platform, it provides a runtime environment and a library
- It is an open-source .
- It is a “Server-Side” Javascript, yes its running outside the browser environment.
- The node's net API allows to access raw TCP/IP functionality.
- It supports asynchronous programming .
- Supports to develop large scale real-time web application
- Underlying engine(V8) that compiles Javascript rather than interpreting
- Platform independent
- Scalable (can handle higher number of requests than the established frameworks)
- Node can be used to develop new protocols.
- We can develop servers or clients for any network protocol
- A typical use case is that it can be used to develop web applications, the web application consists of the application and its web server.

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