Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Digital conversion of the world

As the world becomes increasingly digital, we are witnessing what has been termed a “digital revolution”, which had its beginnings in the early 1980s and refers to the replacement of analogue devices and services with their digital successors. This technological shift has brought about considerable change in the human condition itself.

Being in digital form enables the following advantages…

- We can duplicate data/software at large numbers of copies at low cost
- Digital copies are produced at very high quality
- Digital media makes it easier for anyone to create/save/edit and distribute digital content
- Digital storage allows storing huge volume of information
- Digital technologies enable greater speeds of communication
- Digital technologies enables  higher resolution of images and sounds/videos
- Information and communications capabilities would be invisibly embedded in the environment around us.

In the future, all of the world’s things may be connected to the global internet, through sensors, actuators and radio-frequency identification tags. Although the timescale of this revolution is yet unclear, the shape and scope of human activity is undergoing a radical transformation. In the future, it may be entirely integrated into daily life, to the point that it may no longer seem appropriate to refer to ‘digital technology’ as a detached and discrete entity. As such, it might “disappear”, much like electricity, which is simply taken for granted.

Digital web can kill time, space and distance, by birth web uses digital technologies, hence it can take all advantages said above. For example, A heart patient can have sensors embedded in clothing or under skin, might be able to communicate important medical information to hospitals nearby when there is heart attack. It killed the fate of the person automatically. As a second example, A digital black box can be embedded in every vehicle to prevent from accidents, analyse the root-cause of the accident etc. The box can communicate nearby vehicle to better co-ordinate/communicate among the drivers/vehicles to avoid accidents.

With all these possibilities, digital technology goes a long way in addressing humankind’s long-standing struggle against space and time.

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