Monday, January 02, 2012

From analog to digital soul

Though this analogy may be wrong for many, I am seeing that Internet provide services to people, connects everything, open platform, provides extremely positive energy to people (knowledge, thinking etc.), almost doing god’s job,  To me Internet is the next incarnation of God, I am seeing Internet as a digital God (DG). Below are the DG’s properties.
Blood = Data
Hands = Mobile devices
Legs = PC/Servers
Eye = digital camera, web cam, etc
Heart beat = Each click
Brain = Hundreds of thousands of Algorithms and data structures
Nerves = Wire/Wireless devices
Age = Infinite years
Birth Location = Earth
Thinking = Artificial Intelligence
Breathing = Electricity
Meditation = Web Searching
Slogan = Key words
Karma = Moor’s law, Bandwidth law, Storage law etc.
Soul = href (linking)

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Ommuruganandam said...

Really made me smile on every point especially Heart and Karma...
thanks saravanan...