Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Who will control the internet? Humans or machines or something else?

I believe that Time is invented by humans, events are discovered by nature or god or something. Our human world based on both time and events. Our brain is well-trained for both time-based and event based world. Everyday tasks that we are doing either based on time or event. If we want to design a system based on time or event or hybrid means then we should understand their properties. Following are the properties of time - Time is a regular, repetitive one, more proactive, high cost, need to know everything in advance, low runtime overhead, anything that is not completely known cannot be handled at all, assumes periodic world, inflexible – can only handle what is completely known before, deterministic – known beforehand which activity running when etc. Even based systems has following properties - flexible – not completely known activities can be added easily, widely used in many systems, simple constraints, high runtime overhead, limited predictability etc.

Humans typically support more towards designing time based systems, due to high predictability (for business or profitability), but unfortunately that’s not completely possible, we are surrounded by events.

How to measure time in the web/digital world? How many “web years” is equal to one human years? Web year is shrinking, say 100 web year is equal to one human hour, due to the billions of devices operating in different clock speed. Its extremely harder to find web years. Similarly events, events are happening rapidly and executed by handlers at extremely faster rate (Example - Clicks). If we don’t measure web years and events rate, it’s harder to control the Internet. I believe that machines can write billions of code itself in fraction of seconds, the 20 year kid (web) can do more powerful things now means, after 1000 years what will happen? Fate of the web is not only based on laws of processor speed, bandwidth, disk capacity, network, it also based on events and time. Since nature created environment by which we are controlled by both time and events, the same pattern applies to web as well. So that web will be under the control of humans forever.

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Ravikumar said...

Finally concluded as Humans will control :-)
Articles of this kind am not seeing anywhere in net or I can tell its not coming in my frequently viewing pages. These kind of articles are giving me new dimension and thinking. Thanks for posting it.