Friday, March 16, 2012

The power of Google

I have been talking about Google more than 8 years. As a close watcher of Google, I like to warn that the dominant position of Google may harm users, business, competitors etc.

Companies with overwhelming market power will disturb existing laws and may exploit consumers and competitors. Hence, Google conduct should therefore be closely monitored by law makers and big brothers.

Below statistical information reveals one thing clearly, A single algorithm (Page rank) rules the entire web and Google became dominant position.

- Google’s global search engine’s market share is 90.59%,
- Google receives more than 3 billion queries every day
- Recently using Mobile devices to access information over web is taking dominant position, Google’s AdMob worldwide market share is above 40%

So in what ways Google may harm others. For example,

  • They can downgrade competitors web pages in its organic search results
  • Imposing anti-competitive contractual restrictions on its advertising partners by prohibiting them to show advertisements of Google’s competitors as well as by restricting the portability of their advertising campaigns to competing platforms;
  • Offering its own products for free, thereby putting its competitors out of business;
  • Using third party content to make money through advertisements, without paying any remuneration. 
  • Google can allow itself to largely ignore the dissatisfaction of its customers
  • The Lack of transparency and possible discrimination in relation to the AdWords/AdSense mechanism
  • Google may give higher rank for their own product

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