Monday, October 22, 2012

Bag of words- A special knowledge

Whenever there is an information need or want to complete a task (a research, finding a coupon, etc), we are using search engines. The activity that the user performs with search engine is called “Web search”. Queries are used as a means of communication between human user and a search engine. Web search introduces a new form of knowledge called “bag of words” knowledge. What is “bag of words”? Over 15 years ago , I used do search by directory, topics are organized in the directory form (based on topics), when I browse second level, then sub topics are displayed, finally I could find list of web sites belongs to the topics I need. Around 1999, I used yahoo to search, like everyone else, I asked yahoo in the form of natural language questions, most of the results are not relevant. Over the time, I learnt How to search using key words instead of questions or NL that gives better results. As a user of search engine, I learnt key words from many web pages and used my domain knowledge to search in computer science, similarly web masters also learnt and optimized their pages using various techniques from both search engine (SEO) and users (auto suggestion). In the last 12 years, I have learnt many such key words.  Key words that I Used to search collectively forms “bag of words knowledge” or meta-knowledge. A person who has good meta-knowledge able to communicate with global brain (or Single mind) and get the right results easily. Without a doubt, the person is wise, when he/she able to communicate with the extended mind seamlessly. I think the meta-knowledge is the first step in the evolution of human brain to web communication. 

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