Friday, May 31, 2013

all the wars are over, it’s time to become super power

India has more youngsters than any other country, a county’s fall or growth is not simply decided by total output per hour by citizens in the modern world. IMO, It is decided by three main factors, first one is the rate at which the innovation happens. The second would be the productivity based on the innovation. The innovation is done by few experts, the productivity is done by the rest. Third, Machines/tools helping us in both stages (innovation and development) to increase the speed. As for as India is concerned, we have lot of raw man power, the raw power should be converted into higher production, this can be done by learning how to use modern tools, and we also need more innovators, (PhD’s, scientist etc.). and finally the machines. We need to increase the number of machine’s to produce more outcomes and innovations. Machines can help to increase the productivity by many folds. If these three factors have been improved means Indian can become super power in short period of time. Currently most of the youngsters are busy in upgrading their family from poor/middle class to upper middle class, this is a long running race. Once India crossed this stage, I believe that India can produce more innovators, modern machines in all sectors.

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