Wednesday, May 29, 2013

poem for entrepreneurs

My journey from regular life to exciting life began.
Everything is unique by default. Human is not an exception.
This is my life, do what I love to do, I do it frequently, overdo it 100 per cent.
All failures forms a “painful memory”, all emotions are beautiful.
If I don’t like something, I will change it.
World is dynamic and getting faster, life becomes complex.
People wait for me when I start doing things that I love.
Open my heart/mind to new things, getting lost will help me find myself.
Opportunity comes at regular interval, or I create one but hitting it takes long time.
Life is short, live in my dreams, I do it simply and that is my passion.
Thinking is powerful, it is impossible to stop thinking even in the sleep.
It is the few humans create the future, rest do follow or use it.
Most important skill for creator is to "love the pains".
Second most important skill would be convincing others.

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