Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The power of the web

Power of the web keeps increasing in the last 20 years, In terms of speed – content creation, gathering, delivery, processing, etc. and in terms of scale - number of users, devices, machines etc. Only 25% people in the planet accessing the web, remaining people are not able to access the web due to lack of education or no internet connection, many people don’t have web enabled mobile etc.  If the entire world connected to the web, the services provided web is immediately available to the world, all around the clock. It adds new capabilities to the user. Companies, governments, individuals add lot of services or consume services from/to the web. In order to understand the importance of the web in our life, we could ask simple questions anyone who are part of the 25%, How long can they continue their life without web? Even a single day with no access to web makes me to think that I went to ancient world.

Web becomes part of our life, things are happening favor of the people who has access to web, the benefits are multiplied by many folds, their knowledge level increases rapidly, a person who connected with web has thousand times more powerful than a person who don’t have access to it. In other words it provides extremely faster communication, no need to memories everything in our head, we can check product reviews, price etc before we buy it. The news about the world is always delivered personally. We constant learning. We speak lot in online, forums, comments, blog posts, etc.  Each service provides tremendous learning, planning, and living better life. The service include – search, e-commerce, email, chat, social network, millions of mobile apps, makes us having better life.

Few examples of how web changes everything.
1) Web is not merely a communications medium, its part of our brain. Thinking happening outside of our brain and the decision is chosen by us, for example - for the given keyword on the search engine, page-rank algorithm (machine thinking) sorting the best results, Then we make decisions.
2) Web creates new relationship, two hundred years ago a person having an average of few friends, now it has increased to hundreds.
3) New asset, in terms of wealth, web provides new form of asset called digital assets, such as knowledge, reputation, creations etc.
4) Automate everything, web is the only system that can automate most of our activities.
5) Living in Web years, analog world makes us live in a natural life consist of 80 years or so, but web life makes us live faster, better and very long life with faster activities.

In future, assume that someone got into an accident, by clicking a single button, in her/his mobile. The web can play a protector role here. The mobile communicates with the server about the situation and tells his software agent that he/she needs immediate medical treatment. The agent queries all the near-by hospitals and checks the facilities of the hospital such as can treat accidents?, does the hospital has ambulance?, doctors availability etc. Once the hospital has been chosen, it would send message to ambulance driver, doctors. Till he/she gets the treatment the agent provides all the services to protect him. This is only a sample to show the power of web. By 2030 we could see such a services, and millions of other services from web.

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