Thursday, June 06, 2013

Actionable search – Yandex has innovated interactive search platform

For a long time Google the dominated search engine, did not do much innovation in search space. Now Yandex introduced “task completion engine” for users who want to complete the goal at hand. What they call this new feature is “Island”.

Facebook’s “like” is a good example that we are moving towards “action web”. Yandex may not be able to scale to all the web sites. This is possible when we move into semantic web, people can finish the task at hand easily without much mental work

Why users need task completion engine?

"A large portion of the five billion searches that come from almost 100 million Yandex users each month are looking for a solution rather than an answer" – people want to pay a bill, check-in for a flight, book a show or a visit to the dentist, For each such task to complete, users are entering lots of queries. In order to avoid such mental work, Island helps to perform actions from the search engine result page.


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