Wednesday, June 05, 2013

From big bang to one mind

From big bang (the start) to one mind (the end)
Hell and heaven exist in the human mind
Positive thoughts collectively forms heaven
Negative thoughts collectively forms hell
Soul is a platform of universal mind
Light helps to connect three worlds and four layers (more below)
Thinking transforms raw facts to wisdom
Soul comes first and faster than light/thinking
There is a human world, machine world and
A spiritual world (if Thinking happens outside of the brain/machine).
Sound/language creates human network/world
Internet creates machine network/world
Imagination creates spiritual world
All the three forms universal mind
Soul controls the universe by Time and event
From big bang to one-mind there exist three phases
First phase is dominated by humans
Second phase is dominated by Machine
Third phase is dominated by Spiritual
There are four layers in the universal mind
The raw facts forms the first layer (A world without mind)
Connected facts (Positive and negative) forms knowledge the second layer  
Connected pure knowledge (Positive facts) forms wisdom the third layer.
Connected wisdom forms one mind (Everything becomes one – a dot layer)
One mind means -
The universal brain from human perspective
Artificial god from the machine perspective
The idle mind from the spiritual perspective
How to become one mind?
Tolerance protects from negative thoughts
Bold breaks stupid/bad rules
Attention creates learning environment
Search discovers new facts
Fear creates negative knowledge
Reasoning creates positive knowledge
So far, the human world has learnt less than 1% true facts
It may take many centuries to become one.


Ommuruganandam said...

Very simple, but deep thoughts.
Thanks for this, made me feel nice in between work pressure.

logesh said...

Awesome thought ..!! Am dreaming like a life in one mind world..!!