Thursday, September 12, 2013

Wisdom Person

The world has more negative thoughts than positive, negative emotions stores more deeply in the brain then positive, Negative thoughts can easily erase positive ones, but the opposite happens very slowly. How to change this? "Pure thinking"

Pure thinking requires - ethical software (thinking) + more fuel (Oxygen) + hardware (neuron network) + database (pure knowledge)
Software: Thinking is like a program which runs on top of pure knowledge. good control over thinking is the most powerful skill that reshapes the brain and mind. 
database: facts that is purified by ethical/moral values, we should store/inference more pure facts.
Fuel: Oxygen is the main fuel to the brain, though brain is just 2% of the body weight, it uses roughly 20% of the Oxygen that human gather. More the Oxygen means more the food for thought. 
hardware: neurons network fire/wire together when human think. More the positive thinking means more the physical footprint.

Daily spending time for pure thinking converts a person to a Wisdom Person

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